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Web Developer

Frontend, WordPress, Responsive Web Design, Landing Page, Rails, Python

I have developed many Wordpress Websites, Landing Pages, Responsive Websites and mostly Front-end tasks in the past years.

I took up Software Development and Multimedia in College thus my skill set is combination of Coding and Design.

I started web development with HTML/CSS/Javascript then moved to WordPress. I have 6+ years experience with WordPress. I recently started with Backend development using Python (Django/Flask) and Ruby on Rails.

With this experience/skill set I can easily work on Front-end tasks for sites built with Django/Flask and Ruby on Rails as I am pretty well-versed with the templating languages used on these frameworks. I also understand how these frameworks works so I am confident that I can do basic to mid level back-end tasks (CRUD/Associations/Models/Controllers/JSON)


BA in Multimedia Studies - University of the Philippines Open University
Diploma in Software Development - AMA Computer Learning Center

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